The RGRA Board has reviewed the gate policy and has established the following guidelines to be observed when anyone is inside the range shooting:

(1) The gate should be closed while people are using the facility, unless a down range club has the gate open for a match.

(2) The chain should be wrapped around gates with locked hooked in the chains to keep gates from swinging open in windy conditions, but the lock should be left in unlocked with the gate combo set back to all zeros, or some number other than the real combo. The gate should NOT be locked securely while people are inside.

OUR REASONING for leaving gate unlocked - If someone inside was injured or ill, and called for help on a cell phone, and the gate was locked emergency personnel would not be able to get into the range to help them.

If you happen to be there and discover someone already on the range did not secure the gate and lock appropriately, please - with respect and courtesy - inform them about this new policy.

General Range Rules:

1. The MOST important rule is SAFETY FIRST. When in doubt, don’t shoot! NOTE: Your use of this range is done so at your own risk. The RGRA, Board or it’s officers, or landowner are not responsible for any loss, injury, or death you may suffer by your use of this range.
All users, including members and guests, must sign a liability release.

2. The RGRA Board strongly recommends that at least two persons be present at all times during firing periods.  One must be a RGRA Range Member.  Since we’re some distance from emergency assistance, it is recommended that users have some means of calling emergency personnel (i.e. cellular phone or radio).

3. The member is responsible for collecting the guest use fee, and bringing it in to a membership outlet.. Member must have the guest sign the RGRA liability release form BEFORE beginning shooting. Minors must have written permission of parent or legal guardian on file with the RGRA Board. One form maybe used with multiple guests signing it.

4. Account for all personnel before shooting.  Remember to keep all young children under close supervision.

5. Keep all non-firing children off the firing line.

6. No handling of firearms when someone is down range.


8. Eye and ear protection is required when within 30 feet of shooting activity.  Remember to protect youngster’s ears even when they are not shooting.

9. Pick up and take away all fired cartridge cases and trash when finished shooting.

10. Read and obey all rules of the range.

11. Shoot only toward the down range bullet impact berms.

12. Range Flags: If a Red range flag is not flying upon your entry to the range, you must raise the flag, which shows the range is hot. There is a range flag at the public firing line and at the clubhouse to raise which indicates a down range area is hot. If you’re the last shooter, insure the flag is lowered and put away.

13. All range users MUST follow instructions from any RGRA Manager or Range Master. Any violation of this rule will result in expulsion from range for first violation. Repeat offenders will be banned from the range completely. No refunds of fees will be provided for anyone expelled from the range.

14. No rounds may be shot over the bullet impact berms. Violation of this rule will result in immediate expulsion.

15. If a gun misfires, squibs, or hang fires, let those around you know you have a hangfire, keep the gun pointed down range for at least 1 minute, before trying to determine the cause of malfunction or repair.

16. Treat all guns as if they are loaded.

17. Keep all gun muzzles pointed down range while on the firing line.

18. All actions of firearms must be open while not in use on the firing line. Double inspect to ensure all firearms are unloaded before leaving the firing line or storing in a case.

19. During formal shooting matches, all shooters must follow instructions of any Range Master during any matches.

20. Shooters are responsible for providing their own paper targets.

21. Any metal targets used must be designed for use as a shooting target. A RGRA Range Officer, Manager, or Range Master must approve any use of metal targets.

22. No shooter may shoot at any planes flying over the range.

23. All shooter set targets MUST be positioned so ALL bullets will impact a berm.

24. All vehicles must be operated only on established roadways and parking areas.

25. All guns used on this range must be legal in the State of California.

26. All rules concerning the ownership of guns must be in accordance with all laws by the Federal Government and the State of California.

27. Ammunition and devices used must comply with the laws of the Federal Government and the State of California.

28. No guest users may be left behind to shoot without the member sponsor being on the firing line with the guest.

29. No one may proceed past the private range entrance gate, unless they are members or guest of a private club, or permitted to go down range by a RGRA Officer, or a Range Master.

30. No dumping of trash anywhere on the range without RGRA approval.

31. No cross range shooting. Shoot square to any targets being shot at.

32. NO MAGNUM rounds are to be shot at steel targets on the 25yd pistol range or at the 100 yard rifle range targets.

33. 100 yard pistol range is for use by pistols and rifles that shoot pistol calibers, or 22 LR rifles only.


Authorized Targets:
1. Paper or cardboard targets are authorized at all distances.

2. Steel silhouette targets will only be used at standard distances or greater.  Firing at steel targets at close range can result in injury to the shooter or spectators, and will also damage the targets.

3. If you erect your own targets, make sure they are positioned so that rounds shot at them will impact a berm. NOT ricochet off the range floor and bounce over the berms.

4. Do not shoot at range signs or target number boards.

5. Do not shoot at bottles, cans, computer monitors, or any other rubbish.  Please do not turn this range into a garbage dump.